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The Pocket Square Project


My friend Rachel Vreeman is launching The Pocket Square Project to help raise funds for starting and sustaining HIV support groups for adolescents in Kenya. This project involves the making and selling of pocket squares from Kenyan fabrics that are promoted through the local fashion scene, and with any luck the bigger fashion world. (I don’t think I have ever written the phrase “fashion world” in my life, sounds so cheesy.) Rachel, (http://doctorvoversea.com) who I have written about previously on these pages, (see my post on Shahidi) is a pediatrician and Director of Research at the IU Center for Global Health. She spends a considerable amount of her time in Kenya where she works at the health consortium AMPATH in Eldoret.

Recently, Rachel approached me about her plans to kick off the PSP with a party on World AIDS Day (December 1st). She wants a video to promote the effort. Wow, the day after Thanksgiving weekend when I will be out of town all weekend. Ouch. But I can’t say no to Rachel and the cause, so I have to figure out how to make this work. We will shoot it on Wednesday November 19th. This weekend, in addition to finishing the Dream Tree installation and the Arcanum installation at the airport, I will shoot some stop-motion animation for the title sequence. I also need to design some videos to be projected around the party space. I am planning to create kaleidoscopic patterns of pockets squares to fill the space with dynamic colorful patterns that can continuously loop. Sleep is highly overrated.

Stay tuned for pics and video that I will post below.

Printed and mounted the poster for the shoot and the stop-motion title.



We shot the video yesterday, November 19th. Next up is shooting the stop-motion, and of course getting these things edited in time.

IMG_4487 IMG_4489 IMG_4491

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