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The last week has been a no-minute-to-spare juggling act of school demands (recruitment visits, search committee interviews, in addition to the normal teaching load), Arcanum show details, Dream Tree preparations, Back Space conversations, Shahidi delivery details, and a SOHO gala. It is enough to literally make my head spin. A lot is all coming together, especially this weekend.  The Arcanum Airport Show and Dream Tree at the Urban Chalkboard both go live in two weeks. Back Space shoots on Sunday, with a final shoot expected the weekend of the 22nd. And Shihidi delivers on November 7th. Today, after a morning faculty meeting I will be working with Mike Lyons of Wow-Huh, to install the tree pedestal at Urban Chalkboard and I will be spending the rest of the day installing the projection system and starting on the video mapping. Tomorrow I will be continuing with the mapping, delivering and setting up film gear at the shoot location for Sunday and taking the Cool Bus to a local kids event in the evening. Sunday will be the easy day with a Back Space shoot and then continuing to paint and assemble the Arcanum trophies which are getting shot on Monday morning for the video wall portion of the show.

So all this means you have more exciting blow-by-blow blog posts to look forward to soon.

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