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Dream Tree; First Day of Install

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The Day of Brute Force

Today was the first day in what will be a rather long creative and technical process to get the Dream Tree in place at The Urban Chalkboard. With the help of Dave Phelps and Joe Newman, and of course the support of Urban Chalkboard co-founder Tonya Bergeson-Dana (who kept us well fed and hydrated all day), we transported it over, got it through the window and over to the pedestal. But when we hoisted it into place it hit the trusses on the way to being vertical. Oops, first hitch. With not too much insanity we managed to get it standing upright next to the pedestal and it was somehow decided that Dave was going to use brute force and a giant bear hug to lift this 500+ lb tree 2 feet straight up and onto the pedestal. Really? OK…sure. Well at least there was the help of the rope and pulley, but I can’t say I think they were really doing much. One, two, heave ho.. and I got my hands under there to lift as well. With the effort to get it high enough, not tangled up in the trusses overhead and get the pedestal slid underneath things got very hairy very fast. But somehow we got it up there without any hernias or spilled blood, but I came closer than I like to getting my fingers crushed. Whew! The most daunting task of the day was now behind us.

So the rest of the afternoon was spent attaching the four major limbs of the tree. This involved a lot of moving the scaffolding and the scissor lift and trying to manipulate the limbs into place without crashing through studs or getting tangled up in the overhead metal work. The first three were not too bad. It was the last that proved to be the troublemaker. It is an unwieldy forking branch and it headed straight into the giant overhead duct work. So we unfortunately had to take a saw to it a few times. The extremely old and dull saw of mine wasn’t making cutting through 4″ branches very easy. So Tonya went off to the hardware store and got a new saw. It made the task considerably easier. I could tell by the look on Dave’s face. Soon we had the final branch in place and it was time for an DIPA.

Tomorrow we attach a few remaining small branches, sand away some marks that have accumulated and then wrap the whole thing in plastic to protect it in a construction site that still has a way to go.

I shot some time-lapse today and after tomorrow’s work I will post it.


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